Staff Directory

Prof. Liang-Jenq Leu Secretary General & Executive Director of Accreditation Council
Dr. Mandy Liu Office Director & Deputy Executive Director of Accreditation Council
Accreditation Affairs
Ms. Rachel Chang Manager, Accreditation
Ms. Elisa Hsu Specialist, Accreditation
Ms. Caroline Ma Specialist, Accreditation
Ms. Summer Hsieh Specialist, Accreditation
Ms. Karen Chang Specialist, Accreditationt
Educational Development Affairs
Ms. Rosalin Liu Manager, Educational Development
Ms. Delphine Wu Assistant Manager, Educational Development
Mr. Vio Lee Assistant Researcher
Ms. Vicky Huang Senior Specialist, Information Management
Financial Affairs
Ms. Jessica Fan Manager, Accounting
Ms. Amy Lin Senior Specialist, Accounting
Mr. Kevin Chang Senior Specialist, International Affairs
Administrative Affairs
Mr. Chain Hung Assistant Manager, Communications
Ms. Emily Tsai Assistant Manager, HR and Events
Mr. Ashin Tu Specialist, Administration
IAPhD Projects
Ms. Jessica Fan Project Manager
Ms. Delphine Wu Assistant Project Manager